Rice Dream - Rice Crunch (chocolate candy bar)


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Jun 5, 2012
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Do you miss Nestlé Crunch, the puffed rice chocolate bar? I do. Well, Rice Dream, the makers of the infamous rice milk, has a candy bar that can soothe your cravings. It is new to my HFS, but the packing is copyrighted as 2009, so maybe it's not a truly new product. Doesn't matter, because it is here now!

It is a dark chocolate, but it tastes creamier than most. It has more chocolate to puffed rice ratio than the Nestlé bars, so it's actually more substantial. I love the flavor and it reminds me of the non-vegan treat I no longer choose to eat. And yes, it is vegan, which is why I'm excited to see such a nice alternative available now.

It cost about $3.50, which is about average for chocolate bars in it's category. Definitely going to keep buying it. Verdict: recommended!