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steve grayson

Sep 6, 2016
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i have joined this forum on behalf of my daughter . she has always had problems with eating food.she was veggie for a while ,now she has switched to vegan,she is finding it very very difficult at where to buy vegan foods in manchester so she can make recipes. She is moaning so much that there is not much in the manchester area as in shops . the foods she does buy are from the local supermarkets ie asda ,tesco, morrisons ,But she says they do not sell a wide range of stuff ,I would like anyone with any information as where are the vegan shops in manchester and anyone with any tasty recipes that she could try, she needs to start eating the rite foods, so she stays healthy .i do hope someone can help. i am worried that she is not getting the write vitamins and minerals in her body that she needs.
A vegan diet can be very healthy. By eating legumes instead of meat, and having a generally balanced diet with all the other main healthy food types, you get most of what you need. Portions should often be a little larger to account for the lower amount of fat in vegan food. Make sure to include nuts/pasta/rice/bread not just focus on fruits, veg and salad.

Any food without animal products is vegan. It does not have to be specialized fancy stuff. Chips are vegan. Baked beans are vegan.

Add vitamin B12 in supplemental tablet form (perhaps purchased online), and perhaps a source of iodine (if you use salt, check if it has iodine added) and omega 3 (walnuts or chia seeds) and you have the beginnings of a healthy diet.

It's important to understand that specialized vegan shops are absolutely not necessary and you can get most of what you need at a major supermarket. They should have things like veggie burgers in most UK supermarkets.

After googling vegan shops Manchester, I get: 2 years old, but some recent comments as well.
Hello Steve.

I rarely visit Manchester though there's a restaurant called "V revolution" everything they serve is vegan friendly and extremely tasty! They're fairly new so they don't have a website or a menu I can find online but here's their Facebook page.

For recipes, I generally just remove the meat/dairy from any recipe I find which works most of the time...

What does she eat on a regular basis?

The only vitamin that she'll likely need to supplement on a vegan diet as Jamie has mentioned is vitamin B12, read more about that here. Everything else you can pretty much find in food, has she tried seeded bread?
Sign up to and search vegan recipes online, most ingredients will be very common in supermarkets. Cooking is super fun as well! Waitrose and other various places are starting to become very accommodating as well!
Make sure she eats plenty of fruits too!! Especially JUICY fruits such as mangos, papayas, grapes, pineapple etc and always eat them on an empty stomach for the best digestion!!