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Jun 25, 2015
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Hi all,

I'm now the lofty heights of 12 days into this. (i guess you all started somewhere) i'm actually doing a review on the alkaline diet from a book publsihed by someone i know. now i'm not sure i can continue with the whole alkaline side of things however i think i can continue with the general veganism.

First up i'm not a ethical vegan this is move for better health and digestion. so i have a few questions i really really miss Cheese! i've tried that cheezly stuff and well it doesn't cut it! Can anyone recommend a strong flavoured cheese?

Second what do people do for Pizza? i guess it links into the above.

Also and off the topic one. i need a good cake idea for a work competition. i was thinking of a sponge sandwich using avacado and agarve syrup instead of the butter/sugar filling. has anyone tried this or similar?

as part of the diet which is a 21 day trial i have, only 1 cooked meal a day the rest is raw in either smoothie or salad with snacks of numerous bananas and dates. I'm taking a b12 supplement along with 60g of pea protein powder a day as i'm doing this to lose weight i want to keep up the lean mass as much as i can.

I gave up caffeine for this too which initially was some sort of wonder and now is turning into a nightmare. every morning when i wake up i have 300ml of warm water with wheatgrass powder and the juice of a whole lemon. (yes it really does wake you up)
You don't have to use cheese on a pizza; I make some cheese free and use more tomato puree (paste) and a pesto base so the toppings stick. There are vegan cheeses around, but to be honest I've never really liked them.

As for cakes, it depends on your level of skill and what the competition is for; how it is presented as well as the taste? You could make a jam or lemon curd filling. Maybe think pf people will look for in a cake if you really want to win.
Gettinggreener, welcome to the forum!

When you ask for a strong cheese, then the question is ... where do you live?
There are different options. If you are in the US, then inquire about Kite Hill or Miyoko's Cheese, if you are in Europe, then Vegusto's "No Moo, spicy" would be my go-to suggestions.