New Reality Show Makes you Eat a Pet or go Vegan


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Jun 8, 2018
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San Mateo, Ca
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Actually, the LiveKindly headline is sort of misleading.
1. It's vegetarian, not vegan
2. It's not your family pet but a farm animal.
3. the show doesn't "make you eat a pet". It just gives you a choice to be vegetarian and send the animal to a sanctuary, OR eat the farm animal. (1)

Those of you have been vegan and online for a while know that vegan baiters (2) love the conundrum or ethical dilemma (3) in order to "trap" the "hypocritical vegan". I like the concept of this show cause it flips that on its head.

I also like that the show will spend some time investigating the ethics of eating animals.

It's a reality show so I think it will get some attention and viewership.

also just like LiveKindly made a headline that is sort of clickbait, I've already seen a similar approach in a newspaper

the show has already generated a spin-off. Another new British television also explores animal rights.

“Travel With a Goat” sees meat-eaters traveling through South America, Asia, and Europe with an animal companion. At the end of the journey, participants must decide whether or not to allow the animal to be killed for food.​

(1) I think after the show interviews should be very interesting.
(2) did I just coin a new phrase?
(3) you are on a desert island......
From the trailer, it doesn't sound like they actually have to eat Their farm animal.

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