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Aug 19, 2016
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I cannot find any vegan ethical jobs where i am from i could really use some help i started writing a blog and cant seem to get it out there if someone could post it for me somewhere or tell me where to post it so i can get a little more traffick it would be great i really think my voice cold help with this movement and help our furry little friends thankyou
Hello @layne. If you are looking for career advice it would help to know where you are based or if you are solely looking for online work. I don't know how anyone here can help without a little more info.

Wishing you the best in the meantime. :)
Hi Layne! I work as an independent consultant for Arbonne, a company that specialise in nutrition, skincare and cosmetics that are vegan certified, gluten free and Paraben free. I love my job, I'm self employed, I choose my own hours and earn big! Check out my Facebook page and let me know if you would like more information x