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Jun 15, 2017
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A very sad event happened in Ottawa, yesterday morning, as a moose ended up on the main highway at 6:30 am with a broken leg. Sadly, even though they had coralled it the decision was made to euthenize rather than tranquilize and transport. It made my heart very sad to see this beautiful creature was put down because it was inconvenient to help it heal.

All this said, a very funny person decided to start a Twitter account, as the moose itself, and it is was well done with lots of irony and jokes and has continued from moose-heaven. If you decide to read it, be sure to scroll down so that you start from the bottom/first tweet.


Emma JC
While this is truly very sad, those tweets did make me smile, briefly, I'll admit. Nonetheless, it really is a sad consolation prize.

I hear about bears and cougars getting shot every year here in this province, because they're inconvenient. It's very rare they do relocations here with both bears and cougars. In the lower mainland bears are considered a pest to many people. They easily become "habituated" as they like to call it. They are usually, if not always, destroyed once deemed habituated.

When you get stupid people feeding them, it doesn't help either. Like who lets their children feed bears? Check out this recent story:

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There are just so many things wrong in that bear story ....

The cougar story is so sad also....

I love to swim with wild dolphins, on a liveaboard in the Bahamas, however there is never any feeding or coaxing or interfering in their lives. If they choose to swim with us, they do so, and if they don't then just observing them is amazing. (No 'riding' or 'grabbing' either). I have had the honour of swimming along in the wake of two spotted dolphins and their energy and joy was contagious.

Emma JC
That must have been an amazing experience. They are so intelligent. I would also feel very privileged and honoured to do such a thing. Just seeing them for me is exciting enough.

I've been very fortunate here on the coast to see lots of Pacific white-sided dolphins, Dahl Porpoises, Killer whales, and even humpbacks, but I can't say I've ever swam with dolphins. I don't think the water temperature here would make that too pleasant. Furthermore, they're not at all the same as the friendly dolphins you are referring to.
Yes, the spotted dolphins are well known for their friendliness and interest in humans. The area in the Bahamas is home to both spotted and bottlenose and the energy is completely different. Although I have never been harmed by a bottlenose I have felt threatened and actually had two spotteds come and get between me and two bottlenose that were heading my way. If there are only bottlenose in the area I do not get in the water. Everyone does not feel that way and many have great encounters with them.

Warm water is certainly more pleasant!!!

These are the spotted dolphins. They are about the same size that we are.


Photo by Captain Wayne "Scott" Smith - Dolphin Dream Team

Emma JC
Everyone says that I lack sense of humor. I guess they are right.
But still, thank you for sharing. It's interesting phenomena, that someone would dedicate a whole twitter account on this kind of event. I wonder what could be the motivator?
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I think the motivator was a combo of concern for the animal and humour.

Emma JC