Love What's Real

This infuriates me. It's yet another identifier that the dairy and meat industries are panicking. It's just not fair that they are trying to paint veganism as the wrong choice. Something not to love. We're filled with love and compassion - it's why we're vegan!!
Yeah I've recently encountered this sort of infantile response to veganism. ..a lot of liberals who should be allies have been so busy preoccupying themselves with lies like "even science is subjective to culture or race" and that all culture is equal is setting us up for a VERY DANGEROUS PERIOD OF CLIMATE CHANGE. Imagine the people you trust to understand science saying cattle ranching culture is more important. I've been Green Party rather than Dem for years but being in grad school I just can't seem to get away from the mainstream authoritarian trap of Blue No Matter Who.

Mini rant there. We can't trust any political affiliate even.
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