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Jun 8, 2018
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We have several posts on this subject. but they are all over the place.
so I thought maybe a thread devoted to this might be good idea.

We have had discussions and posted news articles about trials and laws that attempt to co-opt words. Like how in some places you can't call plant milk "milk". Or plant-based meat "meat". or vegan butter "butter". etc. Sometimes the plant-based company wins. sometimes the plant-based company loses. And sometimes the plant-based company just default and we get to see things like "mylk", and "soy based beverage" on the grocery shelves.

I thought since this happens a lot we could keep track of it better if it was all in one place.

So to start off.
here is the latest news.

and a more general news story.

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"The law requires manufacturers to change their packaging so words like “vegan” and “meat substitute” are more prominent to supposedly end customer confusion, so they wouldn’t accidentally buy a meat-free product."

Great! As soon as flesh based products have to predominently label themselves flesh! And dairy and egg also feature prominent labeling. No more 'natural flavors' either.

Someones looking out to protect those carnivores from being tricked :rofl:
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I'm all for correct labelling of all food products but especially the plant based ones. Whilst, all food products in the UK (The Vegan Society label or the V label )have clear labelling I have great difficulties over here when buying plant based products. However, more and more brands have the V labels which makes it easier for the consumer to know exactly what they are purchasing.

''Whilst there are numerous rules which govern product labelling for allergies, there’s no legal definition of ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegan’ either at UK or EU level when it comes to food. The European Vegetarian Union, which has been lobbying for a definition since 2008, uses the following definition when describing vegan food:''

Vegan labelling: what’s the law? | BPE Solicitors

Vegan Official Labels – Indexing of official vegan certification around the world


Looks like the EU is having some problems with labels, too

And it goes beyond just wording

I like this quote

When it comes to Amendment 171, arguments for and against tend to look at the consequences. Most commonly, it is argued that since dairy farming can be seen as both bad for the environment and animal welfare, presenting vegan products as alternatives will help offset these effects. The welfare issues around dairy farming are even arguably worse than with meat, for instance.​

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This label certification is helpful for finding foods without animal products with no ethical judgement attached:

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