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Jul 2, 2017
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Hello đź‘‹,
Most of the vegan recipes on the web are all healthy, but what about when you’re a “vegan” who just wants to have a junky type meal? Before anyone says it (I know this is a vegan forum, so it’s less likely), but not all vegan food is healthy. Trust me, with the amount of vegan cookies, cakes, ice cream, vegan burgers, vegan hotdogs, chocolates, etc, vegans can cheat at being healthy and enjoy junk food as much as anyone else...
I already eat pasta bakes, vegetarian burgers, pizzas, chocolate, ice cream, cake, etc. but what are some different vegan junk food meals I could try?
I want a fried veggie basket so badly! Seems like they used to be more popular- you got fried breaded or battered zucchini, onion rings and mushrooms.
Wise had these chive and onion potato chips that were like the sour creme and onion taste, and, their Onion rings were like Funyums but no dairy. (been a long time since so look)
Have you had Beyond Sausages?
Crescent rolls make all kinds of things
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When I have a meat craving, I often make something that is both oily and salty or else I buy vegan schnitzels and potato wedges. Today I had burgers and potato wedges followed by pear and apricot crumble with custard. I so needed that!
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Some savory dishes are healthy. I'm a big fan of whole wheat pita bread with hummus. If you want something junkier, then I can personally recommend corn chips with hummus.
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I like to make vegan buffalo seitan nuggets when I get that junk food craving. They aren't healthy because I deep-fry them and then cover them with homemade vegan buffalo sauce. And I often will pair them with baked potato wedges. Also, vegan nachos rock. I add refried beans, vegan cheese, onions, olives, hot peppers and salsa.
Field Roast sausages or hot dogs baked inside refrigerated crescent dough. The Pillsbury brand is "accidentally vegan." You could make dips out of vegan ranch and hot sauce, or vegan mayo and mustard, or just plain bbq sauce.

I don't know if this counts as "junk food" but it's higher in calories and fat. Make seitan country fried steaks. I have done this in the past, it took a lot of effort so it's not a quick meal, but I had vegan country fried steaks for days. It's basically seitan steaks with a "chicken fried" breading. You could eat them with a mushroom/brown vegan gravy on a plate with veggies or mashed potatoes, or instead put them on your favorite bread for a sandwich with pickles and vegan mayo.

Beefless crumbles pan fried with with a tiny bit of oil, then simmered in bbq sauce or Manwich sauce. Put on bread that has been toasted with vegan butter for a decadent sloppy joe.

Top Ramen - its super cheap, the blue package (soy sauce flavor) is vegan though it says vegetarian (in Asia they don't really use the word vegan?), and you can add things to it like hot sauce, or even vegan butter if you boil them down to just noodles, to make it as junky as you want. To add some nutrition boil some tofu chunks and veggies along with the soup. Just make sure you buy Top Ramen instead of the Maruchan brand (which has animal ingredients).

Daiya Deluxe Cheddar mac and cheese. This tastes surprisingly like Velveeta mac and cheese, because Velveeta isn't really cheese anyway. It even has a little bit of nutrition (calcium, iron, protein) so it's not total junk, just higher in fat and salt. Add some drained frozen or canned peas or mixed vegetables and it's a meal.
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