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Jul 28, 2016
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i have been meat free for 4 months, vegan for 1-1/2 months. In January my wife and I rsvped for a wedding and I chose fish as my entree not knowing I would become vegan. It is a fancy wedding and I know plates are expensive. We are a week away from the wedding and I completely forgot I made this dinner choice. My question is, should I just suck it up and eat the fish this one time? Or should I chose not to eat it and have my good friend waste his money and feel like a total jerk about it? Please offer real advice and don't be rude.
See if you can change it. I don't think it's too late. If you can't, just try to keep it light. Play the 'oh silly me' act, not the frantically worried vegan-cum-victim one. As for whether you should eat it, I don't think anyone here can tell you what you should do. If it were me, I probably wouldn't know what to do until the plate was in front of me and the other guests were looking around at the table. But, always, keep it light. :) If it comes to that, try to get people to laugh with you, to empathise.

We are a very friendly forum :) I have seen seldom few instances of rudeness here.
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Hi Ronald, I hope that you can change it as Winter.frost suggested.

I have been vegan since March this year, so around the same time as you, and not eating meat became one of my life principles - for me that means whatever happens, bar starvation, I would not eat it. I feel that caving in under social pressure would just make it easier to do so next time: in a pub with friends, in a restaurant with the partner for example.

But it is an individual choice, and you have to make your own - I would not think less of fellow vegans either way. The more vegans (even ones who slip up once in a while), the better for the planet.

Yeah I feel like one meal wouldn't kill me. I just have enjoyed this change so much and I will feel bad eating meat.