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Sep 5, 2016
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I currently want to be vegan, but I live in a household with mom,dad,and both my sisters. I'm the only one who will go vegan, no one else will. We are on a budget already, so the amount of fruit I can get is limited because everyone else needs food. So I'm only able to get one pack of strawberries, pasta, a bag of baby carrots and some bananas. I'm able to blend small
Smoothies of bananas or spinach/kale/carrot smoothie, and I'm also able to cook potatoes, but that's all I have for now and I'm highly concerned I don't have enough food! Any advice?
Going vegan can be done on the same budget.

Try and convince your parents to buy you these foods instead of meat and dairy, explaining that this will give you just as healthy diet at the same cost. Be insistent. If they say no at first try again some days later e.g. saying it's really important to you and won't cost them any time or money, or offer to cook some of your own foods or do the washing up or something. Good luck.

Vitamin B12 tablets. Find online a supplement for vegetarians and order it online (or parents). If you are struggling to convince your parents, leave this out for now and come back to it later but don't forget it.

Nuts ideally walnuts. If you don't like walnuts chia seeds. This is for omega 3 and to help fill you up with healthy fat.

Some kind of beans/legumes or product made out of beans. Chick peas/lentils/peas/soy products. This is so you get lysine so you have complete proteins and to make sure you get enough protein.

Rice. This is so you get enough calories and a more varied diet.

None of that should be expensive, except maybe the walnuts/chia seeds, but you can just buy a smaller amount.

That should be enough to start, and covers the basics.

If you have doubts, get objections from family, or try the diet and it isn't immediately working out, come back here and I'll help you out.

Let us know if you are currently overweight, underweight, or have any specific health concerns, as this will help us give more specific advice. If I've recommended any foods you don't like, let us know and I'll come up with a replacement.