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Feb 7, 2018
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Dear fellow Veganites,

I am on a quest, in cooperation with our brother - the infamous James Aspey, to ‘veganize’ the Vipassana meditation tradition.

For those for you who are unfamiliar with Vipassana meditation (also known as ‘Dhamma’), it is a non-religious / non-sectarian methodology for self realisation with the wisdom of universal truth through equanimous self observation, which was given in India by Guatama Buddha and passed forwards internationally in the form of 10 day courses. Personally, I would highly encourage anybody who has ever thought of attending such a course to do so.

With the task at hand & our ultimate aim being to help evolve the catering policy of the Dhamma facilitation organisations worldwide into a Vegan modality, I put forward this call for voluntary assistance in compiling a contact list of all the emails of Vipassana centres worldwide. To me, it seems like the simple but lengthy task of visiting each site and recording their e-mail details in a spreadsheet – maybe there is a more efficient way I am unaware of.

If you can support in this initiative it would be an honour to work with you.

Looking forward to your contact,


PS it would be helpful even to volunteer for one region - we can split the workload in such a way geographically.