Hello ladies and gentlemen. i need help?


Nov 28, 2017
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Hi I’m aquaticfan.
I’m new to the forum so please be gentle with me. I suffer from terrible anxiety and ptsd and depression ex-army, private security across the African continent, ex competing bodybuilder and mma fighter but now I’m house bound due to shingles and side effects from the medication they give me. Which I want to get off ASAP!!!!!!!! and hoping that switching “ well i already have and need advice to it” to a whole food plant based diet will help my health problems and give me my life back. I’ll be posting on the forums for advice on my current diet so please take a look and advise me if possible.
The funny thing is that I have a Basc in sports science and nutrition when I was in the pt core from Kent uni but we didn’t go abywhere bear plant based or vegan. This was some time ago though.

I hope I can be a contributing member of this forum but I need advice on if me my diet ok. I’ll do a post in the right section.

May god walk along side you always.
Hi aquaticfan,

I'm sorry to hear that your PTSD and anxiety are so severe. I too have suffered from anxiety and depression in the past. I am glad to know that you are starting a vegan lifestyle! Good for you!

I will try to help you out on some of your posts, but I live in the US not the UK so I don't know which brands of products you have there or which stores carry what. But if you're looking for tips or recipes I might have some of that!

God bless you!
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Hi FM.

Thanks for your support. I’ve had a bad good few days of bad depression and anxiety with 1 panick attack. This I haven’t been online on here to talk to you guys and ladies. But I’m feeling better and I have some questions and some thoughts I would like to talk about.

I hope you are past your ptsd and anxiety and with gods help he will keep you this way and having a great meat and diary free diet life.

As for the uk to USA. I’m sure we can come up with something as my diet is pretty basic. It is detailed in the support forum. I’m open to change. And support.

Thanks for your message.
It’s much appreciated.
Kind regards,