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Jul 4, 2017
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Dallas, Texas
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I'm a Brit living in Texas and after doing some research, some soul searching, and some contemplation I find myself on the precipice of taking the stem from avid meat eater, backyard chef, meat smoker and BBQ lover, to a whole foods plant based diet.

I have no friend or family who are even veggie so I know I've some tough times ahead with no one to fall back on for support and advise. Found this forum with a quick google search but it does seem a little quiet.

I'm sure there is plenty of historical advise here to be accessed with the search function, but are there many people around here on a day to day basis for questions, conversation etc?


Plant Muncher

Hey TR! I'm new here too and it is a quiet little forum. Not much like other chat forums I've frequented. But that's OK, it is still a great resource for all things vegan or most things vegan. Congratulations on your transition from British food to actual food. :) I lived in Leeds for about 6 months and tried pretty much every dish I could find in pubs and friend's homes. Not a fan of the cuisine I have to say.

On the other hand, you moved to what some call the meat capital of the world. Texas loves its beef. You're going to have a tough time mingling with the locals if you head down the vegan path. If you don't already live there, I'd suggest moving to Austin, Tx. :)

I have to add that after over 6 months of a vegan diet, I couldn't be more happy I made the change. As long as you don't try to be too strict and allow yourself to transition while making some mistakes, you will do fine. I became vegan mainly for the health benefits but there are so many reasons that make so much sense. Cruelty to animals, the environment, sustainability,...pick your poison. They all make sense.