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Jan 12, 2016
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I'm on this forum for some time now but didn't introduce myself yet. I'm vegan since 2012, took a part in few vegan meet up's, selling vegan themed stickers (and happily using them myself in supermarkets I'm visiting from time to time),
I have 3 best friends: 2 rescued rats and cutest westie on earth:heart:.

My goal is to spread the truth. :heart_eyes: Vegans shouldn't be ashamed of their moral choices and for being a voice of the voiceless!:kissing: Lets spread love and information :D

I believe that vegans should actively spread the truth and be a voice of the voiceless, just being vegan is not enough if we won't educate other people about the truth (educate/inform, not in a preachy way tho). If you can't go to protests etc, you can help by signing petitions, spreading informative stickers, leaflets or just simply spread the truth over the internet. Every day is a day where you have an opportunity to plant a seed into a non-vegan heart in name of the animals.
Peace :heart:
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