Heavily Assaulted Because Of Vegan Fitness


Feb 23, 2023
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for the first time in my life in 2007 and 2008 i had been isolated, unactive and lost from the herd, because i only got to know my male buddies from my brother, and i was a very feminin person and also not interested in alcohol and smoking and so on. so when i came home after a few months of trying out veganism and fitness on 17.12.2008 i told my parents i had been stalked and threatened heavily (clearly not imagining it), my parents instantly said in a cruel way that it's completely impossible i have just been the victim of a serious crime, i am with absolute certainly imagining things. so then a few weeks later i angrily threw some dishes against the wall next to my mother and was in mental hospital for two weeks against my will without wanting them to know that i don't support crimes. since then my body circulation somehow felt much less vegan or intelligent compared to before. of course the police never asked me what i threw the dishes for. so then in autumn 2009 i was held hostage by my parents in mental hospital for 2 1/2 months, no idea if they operated me and made my body much more sluggish again or if the doctors knew about it. and now since summer 2010 i have a misterious point in the middle of my head, and since 16.12.2011 i hear voices saying they're going to kill me everywhere. my first love also seemed to attract that type of enemies. the police and hospitals and social workers always refuse to bring me into safety and just say "fit glamorous young men always have to rescue themselves". here in vienna as always people claim i have a special guardian, a carer, without any justification
Mentall illness can be a bit of a worry. Especially the first time you experience it as you don't know that is what is wrong with you.
It sounds like someone threatened you and it cracked you up.
I am easily crscked up by bullies.
I hope you are feeling better by now. If not i hope you get well soon.