Happy Halloween!


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Mar 11, 2015
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Happy Halloween!

You may have noticed we've gone incredibly spooky to join in with the celebration of Halloween!

We hope everyone has a great Halloween and I hope to see how you all celebrated this year :D


If you'd like the to use the standard theme click THIS and tap default.

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I don't like this theme and I turned it off, but it then turned itself back on again... turning off for second time now.
I think I may have gone overboard... Thanks for letting me know! I know others were not too keen with the colours, assuming the whole "dark" style is what you don't like?

Sorry about that.
I like the idea of changing the theme throughout the year to suit different points in the calendar :), I just don't think this theme quite works out.
I dressed as Wednesday Addams and went to a party! Brought 'zombie fingers' Wotsits which are spicy and accidentally vegan, and I drunk Apple Sourz (apple flavour is vegan!)