Good dairy-free coffee creamers?

Lindsey N.

Oct 27, 2017
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I'm aware of the dairy-free options for coffee creamers, but I'm not sure about how they all compare. For starters, I don't like almond milk in coffee. It tastes fine for the first few sips... then, bleh....
How do some of the other options compare? I enjoy a very creamy, milky texture to my coffee that almond milk doesn't seem to offer where dairy milk does. I'm wondering if it's the fat content of dairy milk that gives it that texture? Thank you in advance.
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I really like coconut milk creamer or just coconut milk if on the budget side. The coconut creamer I like is made by coffee mate and can be found in the dairy section next to all the other creamers. If you like pumpkin spice silk came out with a big almond creamer this year which is really good but hard to find. So delicious also makes a coconut creamer but it's not as sugary as the coffee mate but you might like it. If I'm trying to save money then I just get a half gallon carton of coconut milk from aldi and it add creaminess and extra flavor to coffee. I've been doing vanilla soy milk lately and that's really good too if you haven't tried it.
I add Almond milk to my morning coffee with coconut sugar. a plant milk and plant creams. I find the taste very creamy. next best thing is rice milk.

alpro do the plant milks as well as plant creams also. Oatley made of oats plant drinks are my favorites in coffees.
Its the fat - I used to enjoy really creamy coffee's... Now I don't bother and drink tea or coffee without anything added. Try it without - may take several cups before you adjust...
I know this is off topic, but what if you could have Vegan-friendly dairy? Check the discussion I started on my profile to read what i am talking about.
I like Silk Original Soymilk. I've tried other kinds of soymilk, but this is my favorite. My husband says it's better than dairy milk because it has a tiny amount of sugar in it, so he doesn't feel the need to put any additional sugar in his coffee. Moreover, it has a flavor that you might possibly find similar to the creaminess of dairy milk. (I tried almond milk in my coffee once and hated it. It works well as a substitute for dairy milk in puddings, though.)

On special occasions, I enjoy ordering a decaf soy latte when I happen to be at a high-end cafe. It's better than I recall the dairy version being.

Also, to corroborate Steve's point: it's true that one can get used to drinking coffee black. Long before we went vegan, my husband and I did a few blind taste tests comparing coffee served black and with 2% dairy milk. It's really hard to tell the difference! The milk lowers the temperature of the coffee, but if you control for that, it's almost impossible to distinguish the two. So I think the reason coffee is so difficult to drink black is psychological: when you know it doesn't have milk in it, you notice the bitterness much more.
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