Apr 23, 2015
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I like and not love garlic; just a bit of it my food is fine. My parents hate garlic because they find the taste too sharp for them. I however seem to overdo it the few times I decide to use it. My sister advised me to peel but not mince or chop the cloves for the distant garlic flavor that I like but it is still too much. I went to eat out at an Indian restaurant and realized that they dull the garlic taste with coconut milk. Could this be my solution?. A friend of mine who comes from a community that does not cook any meals without spices told me that they buy them whole and roast before grinding to achieve the maximum flavors.


Hi, sorry for such a late reply. I guess this thread got buried.

It's the natural oil within the garlic cloves that give it such a strong taste. Crushing or roasting garlic therefore releases the flavour to the maximum amount. Your friend is right.

If you want a mild garlic taste you either need to use smaller amounts or cook the cloves in a way that minimises the release of the natural oils. Options include not peeling the cloves or bulb. Not cutting or crushing (cooking whole). Not heating to high temperatures (only cooking moderately to release the sharpness of eating raw). Or cooking in a liquid that will limit the release of these oils such as - as you point out - using coconut milk. Other - non-grain-based - milks will probably have the same affect.

Nice post! I like these kinds of musings. :)
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