Eating out - PizzaExpress and a vegan pizza option


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Apr 19, 2015
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PizzaExpress now do a vegan pizza that has been designed to be vegan from the word go and I have to say that provided you don't eat their regularly (having the same one constantly could get monotonous), it is actually very good.

It is the Pianta: Spinach, chestnut mushroom, pine kernels and artichoke on a spicy Arrabbiata base finished with rocket and extra virgin olive oil. No cheese

If you are eating out there you can actually have 3 courses that are all vegan quite easily now. Dough balls with olive oil and garlic (or garlic oil or even olive oil & balsamic vinegar), polenta chips without the cheese sprinkling... the pizza and the raspberry sorbet without the dark chocolate straw (which has milk in it).

I have always found the staff to be really helpful.
Of course you have the standard, please don't add the cheese option as well, but the fact that there is now a cheese free pizza on the menu is fantatstic!

Oh and a helpful link: their allergy sheet... dairy is in the first couple of columns - don't try reading this on a smartphone or small screen though!