Considering an Aquatree

Hello world! I have been slowly gravitating away from meat for a while now and am ready to pick up the pace. It has not been a quick process for me but part of my journey involves getting more involved with the food I eat. I find that doing so really has helped me cut out all the bad stuff.

That said, I am considering purchasing a countertop system where I can grow food in my home -more so as a supplemental thing at this point. I have looked at a number of systems and found a kickstarter for something called Aquatree by a company called Grow Local. It seems like one of the easier systems I have seen but I have two concerns...

1. It is on Kickstarter (not sure if it is against the rules to provide a link but it is easy to find anyway) and I do not know much about that. Is it a reliable way to buy something I want? I like that I can support a startup and a company that seems to care but I don't want to buy something and never get it!

2. I messaged the company about the cost of their seed matts with seeds and the cost seems very reasonable but I wonder what it is like to actually own something like this. Are systems like these easy to maintain?

Any thoughts would be welcome! Thank you!!
Aquatree Garden delivered on the Aquatree Kickstarter pre-orders a while back and are now selling direct on the AquatreeGarden [dot] com website. The new version of the Aquatree Garden uses a reusable growing medium instead of having to replace seed mats... Using microgreens and bean sprouts is a great supplementation option since the are both ready to harvest in a few days.
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The main downside of aquaponics is that they grow beautiful looking vegetables that are pretty much tasteless. I purchased a small aquaponics system and grew some absolutely beautiful cherry tomatoes that tasted like nothing.

It is sitting in the back of my closet. I might try growing some small tomato varieties in pots in the window this year.
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