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Mar 24, 2019
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Hi everyone , as a vegan of 42 years ( l am 59 years old) l have a lot to share if you wish to ask me anything .
I became a vegan at 17 after being a vegetarian for 2 years . This began when l educated myself about the dairy industry , and became a member of Animal Liberation and discovered the caged-hens egg industry ..

I am in Australia , so there may be time-zone differences that create a gap between posting and answering , but l will do my best to answer anything as promptly as possible .

Wishing you all peace and joy , with affection from Blissful x
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Welcome! That's really cool you went vegan so early :cool:
Thank you Mavrick and Sax . My partner and l don't meet a lot of other vegans here in Tasmania , Australia , so it's always nice to connect .
Will "see" you around the forum , no doubt ..