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Jul 2, 2017
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Hello đź‘‹,
Strange question here. I dream of setting up an animal sanctuary, for dogs, cats and other companion animals, but also (perhaps predominantly) for farm animals that I would rescue. However, one of the main ways in which I may rescue and save these animals is through buying them off of the farmers. I get that that money could then go to contribute to animal cruelty, and that the farmers could use that money to pay for more animals, but would it be ethical to do this, if it meant saving at least some animals, as opposed to none, if the others that they would buy would get into the same situation anyway?
Also would it be within my rights to request that the farmers not use the money to buy more animals, or on other cruel practices?
Good question. I do not know the answer, but maybe farmers would be kind enough to give you the
animals knowing you would take care of them. I would study what other farm sanctuaries do, maybe
they pay for animals at a minimum fee, who knows...
Perhaps as an introduction you volunteer at an established animal sanctuary. See how they do it and see how you like it.

I don't have any first hand knowledge of animal sanctuaries. Just what I have gleaned from the news and a few documentaries. it is my general impression that animal sanctuaries rarely buy animals from farmers. I know that sometimes animals escape from slaughter houses. or maybe someone's backyard. then discovered by people and brought to a sanctuary. Mostly chickens and goats but I remember in one notable situation an escaped cow.

Animal sanctuaries sometimes gets donations from people who don't want their animals anymore but for whatever reason are loathe to destroy it. Most often horses.

And sometimes Fish and Wildlife or Customs confiscates an animal and for lack of anything better will turn it over to a sanctuary. Sometimes a sanctuary might specialize in an exotic animal. I have a friend who has a little Tortoise sanctuary. The Tortoises have all been donated by either Fish and Wildlife or Customs. He is a biologist and somehow has developed a reputation in the tortoise community.

check out the Fiona Oakes story in Running For Good. Its a documenary and now a book.

You can probably watch Call to Rescue, Real Wild, and Wild Kingdom on YouTube

And there are more books on the subject than I care to list. Oh wait, Good Reads has made a list

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