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    Ethical Issues with Wool

    Hello 👋, Before anyone calls me out for posting this on a vegan forum, I am posting it here because I would like to get a vegan’s point of view on this, and I probably would not buy anything with wool anyway. I am against sheepskin (and lambskin), and I understand that the wool industry can be...
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    Vegan grey areas

    I've been vegan for several months and most areas of veganism seem cut and dry to me. Eating meat, fishing, wearing fur, using make up that was tested on animals, and many other aspects are a no brainer for me. There are, however, a few grey areas which I crave the opinion of other vegans on...
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    Fur coats from grandma?

    Unfortunately, my grandma was very into animals as fashion. Now that she has passed, it goes to me. I can't return it. They are very expensive. As a vegan, would it be hypocritical of me to use them until they can't be used anymore? Please share any thoughts you have, don't hold back. All...