what i eat in a day

  1. Friendly Carrot

    Pho noodle soup

    What did you guys eat today? I've been stuck in a rut lately eating kind of the same thing. Today I ate: a simple oatmeal, white bean & kale soup & a miso based 'Pho' noodle soup. You can watch what i ate today in the video below. For the noodle soup I used dehydrated 'beef' soy protein that...
  2. HaleyLauren

    Media Vegan what i eat in a day videos!

    Hi everyone! I share weekly "what I eat in a day videos" on my YouTube channel in hopes of inspiring others to go vegan or incorporate more plants into their diets! I know going vegan can be intimidating at first so I hope my videos can be of some help! :) The recipes I share are healthy, as...