weight gain

  1. KPNR

    How to gain weight as a vegan?

    How to gain weight as a vegan on a budget with histamine intolerance? Hey you all, I signed up because I need some help. I have been vegan for a year and a half now and I've been underweight my whole life and it actually never bothered me. I have histamine intolerance which means I am on a...
  2. LeoLivesLike

    Free breakfast recipe ebook (great for athletes)

    Just wrote a totally free breakfast recipe ebook that contains my abosulte favorite go-to morning meals for crazy energy and muscle building! Link below https://thecaravan.lpages.co/morningmeals/
  3. R

    How can i lose weight?

    Hi, I am a 22 year old female. I went vegetarian at 13, and (nearly) vegan at about 20-21 (I had been eating vegan foods and rice milk, possibly, before that). I did it all predominantly for the animals. Even though I’m vegan (and I do eat things like vegetables, fruits and, sometimes, beans), I...
  4. S

    Need suggestions for food for allergic vegan friend who wants to gain weight

    Hello. As explained in my introduction: "I am joining this forum for a friend. This friend of mine has described himself as "vegetarian by choice, but effectively vegan because of allergies." Those allergies are a problem for him, because it has made it difficult for him to gain weight, which...
  5. B

    Struggling with weight??

    Hi everyone, I am 23 and I switched to a vegan diet almost 8 months ago now, and I seem to be having a hard time staying at a normal (ish) weight or gaining weight. I have always been naturally thin, I am 5'6" and have always hovered around 8 and a half stone. Since switching to a vegan diet I...
  6. K

    Gaining weight as a vegan... help!!

    I wanted to start this off by saying that I’m 16 years old. I know a lot of the replies will be for me to love my body as it is, or something along the lines of my horomones not quite being in line yet. And I understand all that. However, please understand that I used to be at a severely...
  7. Callie

    Help - returned to vegan lifestyle with side effects

    Hi all, I'm really needing some help and support. I was a healthy, happy vegan for years until my naturopath talked me into a paleo diet... I was so sick, and miserable when I finally ditched her a returned to my vegan self. Now I'm feeling wonderful, however I've gained a considerable amount...
  8. K

    Weight gain???

    Hi I'm new on this forum but need support. I have slipped in and out of vegan for a few years now and desperately want to keep to vegan but when ever I am I Seem to gain weight I think I know my problem bleh which is bread. I do not eat meat substitutes but I eat a lot of beans and bread which...
  9. P

    New Vegan - Fat Gained, Muscle lost ?

    Hi everyone. I'm Pete, 26. I've been vegan for about 7-8 months now but I'm slightly concerned about my weight. Before I was vegan I found it virtually impossible to put on weight or get fat. I've weighed about 10st 8 for as long as I can remember, BMI Is good. Since I've gone vegan I've put...