vegan makeup

  1. S

    UK Why using vegan beauty products is great!

    I've recently decided to switch to vegan and now trying to transition into vegan and cruetly free beauty products! Which I'm excited about! Anyone else recently made the switch, I'd love to know, but anyways below is a article on why vegan beauty is not only great for animals but people too...
  2. K

    Product Vegan body/skin care and make up. all cruelty free, vegan and chemical free!

    I have just joined Tropic Skincare which is a fantastic animal cruelty free, vegan and natural skin/body care and makeup range! No chemicals are used at all so all very healthy for your skin. It is a great alternative for those looking for a way to still feel pampered and beautiful without using...
  3. TheVeganEdition

    Kat Von D Makeup now available in the uK

    Hi Everyone! We thought it would be worth sharing that Kat Von D makeup has now hit the UK and Debenhams are the exclusive retailer. At the moment they are only available on the Debenhams website the brand is being rolled out to the majority of their stores in the coming weeks. Not all Kat von...