vegan cakes

  1. R

    Ethical Vegans-Eating Birthday Cakes?

    Hello 👋, I am a veggie transitioning to vegan. I was vegan and then lapsed back to veggie... I am in it for the animals and get distressed when I hear what could be gunshots and cows bellowing for their calves. I absolutely love all animals and won’t even kill bugs (I save them). I’m always...
  2. Helius

    Product Vegan cupcakes and bakery goods

    Hello All, Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I have a new home busniess based in Portsmouth United Kingdom called Heavenly Bakery. This is a Vegan and gluten free cupcakes and bakery goods made fresh daily for customers and for trade. I have supplied vegan cupcakes in the past...
  3. V

    Valhrona chocolate?

    Is Valhrona chocolate acceptable for vegan pastry chefs. Valhrona website says that the dark chocolate products contain all vegan ingredients, but as it is produced in a facility that uses egg and milk products, they are not able to obtain a 'vegan certificate'. Thoughts....also be great to...