1. O

    I discovered a great t-shirts with very strong vegan message

    Have you heard about it? This is my latest discovery and I just ordered one :D The vegan brand is called Igualibra and they have really cool design. what do you think about it? I attached the one that I ordered.
  2. Elisa Soares

    How can veganism gain momentum in the tourism industry ?

    Hi ! I hope you're doing well ! I'm sorry If I bother you but I'm a french girl studying tourism and i'm doing a study about veganism in tourism and you are part of it so I would love to talk to you about it.. ! I'd like to know if you have any ideas to try to improve travelling as a vegan ...
  3. Entertainment-play


    Animals deserve peace and freedom https://youtu.be/dmSTMjJUfXU
  4. E

    The vegan struggle

    After four years of being vegan, I decided to write about my experiences. Although it has been a rewarding decision I have also experienced some annoying moments that I know a lot of us can relate to. You can read my post here https://goo.gl/dzBwZh I would love to hear about you guys'...
  5. K

    Product My good friend created this hat for our vegan community!

    You can check it out here: CLICK TO SHOP The store has free shipping on all items and the owner is a good friend of mine. I got myself a hat as well (the pink one!) and plan to wear it at some future vegan marches I am going to!
  6. P

    Severe bloating

    I have switched to a vegan lifestyle the past two months after educating myself on animal cruelty and the various health benefits. I don't think I could ever return to eating meat again after knowing what I have learned, although I'm facing some challenges. I was diagnosed with leaky gut...
  7. ~Shannon~

    Hello from New York! ^_^

    Hi everyone! I'm Shannon. 19 years old, and I am currently still a vegetarian, even though my heart and brain are in vegan mood lol I became a vegetarian moreso for ethical reasons, rather than dietary, but I'm leading more towards dietary due to having IBS. I joined this forum, because I...
  8. Hayley


    Hey guys! I have a vegan healthcare company and I'm offering 35% discount on all orders submitted by 10pm Mon 30th Nov 2015. Makeup, Haircare, Suncare, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Skincare Already heavily discounted from Suggested Retail Price - a further 35% if you order through me by Mon!! 1)...