1. Enlightened1

    Hello from SE UK

    Hi everyone, how are you doing at this challenging time globally? Working to eat, keeping my houseboat afloat & general juggling seems to be my life atm… Gratitude is part of my healing practice tho, so I want to share that I am thankful for all the blessings in my life & am conscious of my...
  2. S

    Help needed-Research

    Hi there, I am an MSc Psychology student at the University of Stirling in Scotland. I am currently undertaking a research project looking at challenges and motivations of a vegan lifestyle. This research is to better understand what it takes to be vegan and how to navigate the difficulties and...
  3. A

    Survey-Veganism & Social Media

    Has social media had an impact upon the normalisation of veganism? Hello, I am currently collecting responses for a dissertation project that is exploring if social media has impacted in normalising veganism! I am lacking in participants that follow a Vegan lifestyle and I am hoping this...
  4. Spring-Ser

    Vegan Shopping Bags

    Hello, We all have used disposable plastic shopping bags in our life time because its convenient and easy,you get the bag,next day you don't see it anymore,End of story. But these disposable shopping bags are way more dangerous then we think,as most of them end up thrown in the oceans and take...
  5. Gaja_Fi By Gaja

    EU Vegan backpack

    Hey everyone, I'm Gaja and I have a startup fashion brand called Fi by Gaja. I design and make bags made from sustainable and cruelty-free materials like Piñatex and washable paper. I wanted to let you know that my new sustainable and multifunctional Dahlia BAGpack is now live on Kickstarter...
  6. A

    I Ate Dairy After Being Vegan For Over Two Years!

    Hi. I have been vegan for over two years but recently I developed some problems with my digestion and gut and my liver was slightly enlarged. I'm sure it is all because of stress but my mum was very worried and stressing out way too much over my health to the point of breaking down. She, along...
  7. Kirtisharma

    Looking for Vegan Perfume

    Hello Everyone, I am new in this community and I am trying to switch myself into vegan. I am using vegan products right now and looking for vegan perfume. I have check on amazon and other sites to buy a perfume but I am confused which one is best perfume? Can anyone suggest me some best perfumes...
  8. O

    I discovered a great t-shirts with very strong vegan message

    Have you heard about it? This is my latest discovery and I just ordered one :D The vegan brand is called Igualibra and they have really cool design. what do you think about it? I attached the one that I ordered.
  9. Elisa Soares

    How can veganism gain momentum in the tourism industry ?

    Hi ! I hope you're doing well ! I'm sorry If I bother you but I'm a french girl studying tourism and i'm doing a study about veganism in tourism and you are part of it so I would love to talk to you about it.. ! I'd like to know if you have any ideas to try to improve travelling as a vegan ...
  10. E

    The vegan struggle

    After four years of being vegan, I decided to write about my experiences. Although it has been a rewarding decision I have also experienced some annoying moments that I know a lot of us can relate to. You can read my post here https://goo.gl/dzBwZh I would love to hear about you guys'...
  11. K

    Product My good friend created this hat for our vegan community!

    You can check it out here: CLICK TO SHOP The store has free shipping on all items and the owner is a good friend of mine. I got myself a hat as well (the pink one!) and plan to wear it at some future vegan marches I am going to!
  12. P

    Severe bloating

    I have switched to a vegan lifestyle the past two months after educating myself on animal cruelty and the various health benefits. I don't think I could ever return to eating meat again after knowing what I have learned, although I'm facing some challenges. I was diagnosed with leaky gut...
  13. ~Shannon~

    Hello from New York! ^_^

    Hi everyone! I'm Shannon. 19 years old, and I am currently still a vegetarian, even though my heart and brain are in vegan mood lol I became a vegetarian moreso for ethical reasons, rather than dietary, but I'm leading more towards dietary due to having IBS. I joined this forum, because I...
  14. Hayley


    Hey guys! I have a vegan healthcare company and I'm offering 35% discount on all orders submitted by 10pm Mon 30th Nov 2015. Makeup, Haircare, Suncare, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Skincare Already heavily discounted from Suggested Retail Price - a further 35% if you order through me by Mon!! 1)...