1. shyvas

    London University Bans Beef

    A London university is banning beef and charging a tax on plastics when students return in September. Goldsmith’s University said it will remove beef from its shelves and charge a 10p levy on single-use water bottles and plastic cups as part of efforts to become carbon neutral by 2025...
  2. H

    Advice on dealing with omnivore flatmate?

    Need advice on a flatmate situation. I live in student accommodation with 3 other people who are all omnivores. Generally this has been absolutely fine, I’ve become really good friends with all 3 of them and have loved living with them so much that we’ve re-booked for next year at the same...
  3. D

    Product New vegan t-shirt! what do you think??

    Hey guys! I'm new to being vegan. It's been just over a month and a half. At the same time I've also started weight lifting. Anyways, here's a T-Shirt I created in order to promote a more plant based/vegan/vegetarian way of life. What do you guys think?? "Kale University T-Shirt with Pit Bull...