1. gonegreengirl

    What's up with quinoa

    I keep hearing and reading about the use of quinoa in western society and the subsequent consequences. Either it's starving Bolivian farmers, or devastating the environment, or it's all just a huge myth. It has been causing so much controversy for so many years now! As a result, I tend to avoid...
  2. B

    Plant based face masks

    Hello! Thought I'd just pop on here as I've seen plant based face masks. 100% compostable single use face masks are being made by a UK based company (Henosis Masks) which you can brand on too I believe! I'd love to see a ban on single use plastic masks, so thought spreading the word would...
  3. S

    Veganism has to be reconsidered

    Veganism has to be reconsidered - for ethical, environmental and health considerations Over the last years, veganism has seen a steady increase in popularity. From Netflix documentaries to celebrities to everyday people that are concerned about their environmental footprint or want to overcome...