1. A

    Discouraging week

    To start, I am transitioning. This past week I got hives for the first time in my life. Naturally I assume it’s from the new vitamins I started taking. What else could it be?! Today I am 98% positive it is not the vitamins and it is SOY. My absolute favorite non-dairy substitute, which is found...
  2. W

    Feminine changes and veganism

    So, this thread will possibly end up being a little personal if others respond to it. I don't mind that - there are so many conflicting anecdotes about what to expect, as a woman at different stages of life, when going vegan. It occurred to me that since it is also quite an emotional topic we...
  3. Damo

    Starbucks Vegan Drinks

    I don't visit Starbucks very often mainly because I don't like playing gold for hot drink I mean it's normally like £5+ right for almost everything? Which is a lot for a drink for me at least, even so I do like a Starbucks every now and again :) I believe there's a lot of drinks they serve...