1. M

    Product Best snack? Vegan Jerky

    Vegan Jerky is not only delish, it can also be a great source of protein that's low calorie. Check out these great vegan jerky options:
  2. Queen of Strawberries

    Yogurt Covered Raisins?

    So I've been craving some yogurt covered raisins and was wondering if there's a brand out there that makes a vegan version? Or should I try to make my own? If so i'd love some recipes. Thank you in advance!
  3. Mark Mywordz

    A quick fix

    What's yours? I have just read about this and it takes me right back to my childhood: Peanut butter & banana on toast 307 calories 2 slices granary bread 1 small banana ½ tsp cinnamon 1Tbsp crunchy peanut butter Toast bread and slice banana. Layer banana on one slice of toast and dust...
  4. T

    Product New vegan products and freebies

    There is a great new range of VEGAN smoothies and snacks available, called Superb. We are already stocked in a number of independent stores and hopefully we'll be in the supermarkets soon. We're currently on Kickstarter and although we have already reached our funding target, we'd love to smash...