1. R

    How can I cope with seeing people fishing whilst out?

    Hi ?, I’m an animal rights person and a (near) vegan. I’m against fishing, including catch-and-release fishing. However, when myself and my parents are out like by the sea or canal, we sometimes see people fishing. I think it’s cruel, even if they do put them back. I feel like going up and...
  2. Kirst

    Nutritious expedition food advice - a vegan going to sea!

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum :) I'm also relatively new to veganism. I've been a vegan for 5 months now and love learning how to cook, healthy nutritional plant-based meals. I desperately need some advice though please... I am a researcher, going on marine expedition for 5 weeks down in the...
  3. W

    Test your knowledge with a bit of trivia

    Let's test your knowledge a little with this question. Highlight the hidden text below to see whether you are right. Answer. No, a sea cucumber is a marine animal (and a pretty weird looking one at that). Don't buy anything made with sea cucumber.