1. TofuRobot

    Vegan, Oil Free - 5 Minute Liquid Gold Sauce

    This came up in my news feed - anyone every tried it (or something like it)? Looks basically like a glorified hummus type dressing
  2. Seppe101

    Vegan / Gluten Free Corn Butter 100% Corn *No Dairy

    Hello, i found this recipe a few years ago and thought i’d make a video. You can customize this recipe any way you want for flavouring after you follow the main steps. Enjoy!!! ?????
  3. Helen Davis

    Recipe for hoi sin, or similar sauce needed

    I'm not a very experienced cook, and have only just become vegan. Could somebody recommend a recipe for a sauce to go with Linda McCartney's pulled hoisin duck, rice noodles, water chesnuts, bean sprouts, peas, carrots and mushrooms please? The person I'm cooking for doesn't like sweetcorn or...