1. R

    Vegans Killing Animals

    Hello, Please don’t give me abuse for this - I am a vegan. I just read an article about vegans killing “gazillions” of animals like gophers, ground-nesting birds, mice, rats and of course bugs. I also remember hearing a farmer/animal transport worker saying “the biggest place you’ll see death...
  2. Second Summer

    October is Squirrel Awareness Month

    I hope everyone is getting ready for squirrel awareness month - only 5 more days now! More:
  3. unjustifiable existence

    Hesitant to eat anything

    Recently I've been in phases where don't buy anything to eat at all and am in one such phase now. If anything causes more harm to animals than another food, then I want to eat the food that causes the least harm. The thing is I don't know what food does cause the least harm. I had figured at...