raw vegan

  1. Jedex

    High Levels of Triglycerides-Raw vegan diet

    Hi all, I went on a fully raw vegan diet (Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds no sprouts, absolutely no processed foods) for 31 days and most of the time my blood pressure was low as 10/6 and I felt terrible all the time,I couldn’t go for a walk I felt my heart didn't do well... on day 31 I had a...
  2. V

    Going Raw

    Greetings. Although, I am a decent cook with a stockpiled pantry of canned soups, flours, dehydrated and frozen veggies. I have decided to go raw. I guess all that food will be SHTF emergency stuff. To begin the journey, I am going to try to detox. Wormwood tea etc. While I do that and...
  3. liv

    Raw vegan?

    I've heard people rave about the raw vegan diet, but I'm curious since it seems that it would cut out a lot of food that is really good for you, e.g. sweet potato which I can't imagine being eaten raw... Please correct me if you know of a way! Surely a baked sweet potato for example would not be...