1. Daniel2022

    What struggles do you face with your plant-based diet?

    Hello everyone! After much deliberation, I've finally decided try the plant-based lifestyle. The decision has been an exciting one and somewhat overwhelming. It has also inspired me to perform a research project for class to determine some common struggles new pescatarians/vegetarians/vegans...
  2. Damo

    Suggestion Calendar?

    I've been toying with the idea of adding a calendar to the forum though I'm not sure if it's going to be worth the effort because I don't know If It's actually going to be utilised... For example If I knew of a vegan fair I'd be able to add the date, time it ran to and from and it's location...
  3. Damo

    When should you decorate for Christmas?

    So. When do you normally decorate for Christmas? Do you already have decorations up or are you waiting for December? I'm debating on the last week of November or the beginning of December... What about you? Use the poll ;)
  4. W

    Test your knowledge with a bit of trivia

    Let's test your knowledge a little with this question. Highlight the hidden text below to see whether you are right. Answer. No, a sea cucumber is a marine animal (and a pretty weird looking one at that). Don't buy anything made with sea cucumber.
  5. W

    Veganism and other beliefs

    I'm interested to know just how pervasive veganism is becoming among our online community, and whether it is sitting comfortably with people of other faiths (I can't especially think why not) and - if so - which. NB. I'm not saying that veganism is a 'belief' I'm just wandering how it sits with...
  6. Damo

    Poll: Why are you vegan?

    I'm sure there's many reasons for why a person would want to go vegan but what about you? Should be an interesting poll... If you choose "other" maybe you could post as well?
  7. Damo

    How did you find us?

    Basically... How did you find us? Search engine, through a friend, social media etc... Use the poll :)