1. R

    Hypothyroidism and plant-based diet-your thoughts?

    I came across this video and found it really interesting Does anyone suffer with Hypothyroidism? Do you feel your plant-based diet can help with this? I'd love to hear other people's thoughts because I recently got diagnosed!
  2. Veginout

    Product How To Eat Well For Just $5 a Day On a Plantbased Diet

  3. Cooper Hopkins

    Doctor lost 126 lbs. going vegan!

    Hey everyone I just came across this awesome plant based doctor who just recently lost 126 pounds and started his own youtube channel! If you're looking for helpful tips for weight loss then check him out! His name is Dr. Adam Woods MD. I tried posting a link to him but the forum won't let me so...
  4. LeoLivesLike

    Just posted my 1st youtube video! Would really appreciate if if you guys took a look and gave me some feedback, will be posting more very soon!
  5. Grit Bakery

    Product New game-changing plant-based bakery

    GRIT BAKERY Instagram: @gritbakery Redefining Desserts. Non-processed, 100% organic ingredients, low impact, high return. Striving to operate in the most ethical and sustainable way. Always putting people before profit and thinking of 'sustainability' as dealing with likeminded growers...