1. Amy SF

    The Pig Lovers Thread

    We don’t eat them, I don’t think anyone here keeps any as pets, but we sure do love them, don’t we?
  2. R

    Pigs 🐖 🐷 🐽

    Hi 👋, Please sign and share this petition to help get these pigs 🐷 🐖 🐽 rescued. https://www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/takeaction/125/249/186/ Thank you 😊.
  3. R

    Keeping It Dutch Pigs 🐷

    Hello 👋, Please sign and share this petition. WE CANNOT LET THESE PIGS GO TO SLAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please also (kindly and safely) message Keeping It Dutch to express your opposition to the pigs being sent to slaughter, and to try to persuade him to send them to a sanctuary instead...
  4. B

    Pig Portraits I did for a sanctuary

    I have done a couple of portraits of two residents of a Pig Sanctuary in Huddersfield called Pigs in the Wood, they are up for sale, all proceeds to PITW! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332922669848?ul_noapp=true Please Share... Cheers!