1. H

    Too much fat?

    I realised that my diet is 60% carbs, 30% fats, 10% proteins. Don't use any oils. It all came from natural peanut butters, almonds, chia (I eat like 4 tablespoons) and flax seeds (about 2 tb). Is that a problem. I want to put on some weight and keep healthy.
  2. carrotcake

    Vegan Thai zucchini noodles in peanut sauce

    Ingr: 3 Zucchini 2 carrots 1 red and 1 yellow pepper 2 handfuls soybean sprouts 3 green onions 4 Tbsp chopped coriander (fresh) 1 garlic clove (chopped) 4 Tbsp peanut butter 1 lime, juiced 3 Tbsp soy sauce 0.5 tsp chopped ginger 0.5 tsp chili sesame seeds for garnish 1. Mix peanut butter...
  3. Second Summer

    News Death by curry with hidden peanuts

    More: Nut curry death: Mohammed Zaman continued selling dangerous meals - BBC News (23. May 2016)