1. sunflower-girl

    4 years vegan, diagnosed with endometriosis and craving eggs

    Hi everyone, new here! I've been vegetarian my whole life, and vegan for just over 4 years. I have never been tempted by eggs or dairy since I transitioned until now. I've been suffering from horrific endometriosis pains, and am on heavy painkillers which have destroyed my appetite. Weirdly...
  2. A

    Muscles not healing- ?missing nutrients?

    Hey all, first time poster here So my story is, I'm 25, normally active male, been Veggie for year and a half and then I transitioned to Vegan a month ago. Even though I was a veggie when it happened I guess you guys are the pros at this. I got an injury to my right forearm sports climbing...
  3. Second Summer

    Health & Medicine Cursing raises tolerance to pain

    More: It's better to curse when you feel pain, say scientists who swear by new research I use this method myself sometimes when I stub my toe or similar, works well :)