newbie vegan

  1. Kristyna

    A texas vegan?

    So I will start by saying that I feel really weird saying it. I'm a Texas girl through and through so this is a completely foreign topic to me. I am a newbie. I am doing it for health reasons. I've had a problem with my thyroid since I was 10 or 11 and have been on medication since I was 12...
  2. Rekabb

    Advice regarding dealing with friends and family

    Hey there everybody, I'm a long-time reader of this awesome forum, however this is my first post, so nice to meet you all officially! I'll get straight to the point/question. After a slow transition (I'm an avid backpacker, outdoorsman, etc, so feeling satiated and physiologically fueled on a...
  3. David M Wilcox

    5 day newbie- please be kind

    Hi, June was my third year anniversary of going vegetarian. I only started to be strictly vegan 5 days ago. I want to teach out to the community, but it worries me, because I have had bad experiences with some vegans. As a vegetarian, some told me it was good that I had made a change, and...
  4. K

    Is it normal to feel depressed in the beginning?

    Hello! I switched to veganism just four days ago (from ten years as a vegetarian). I have been outright sobbing while constantly thinking about food (like watermelon and potatoes). I feel an empty space inside of me like I did as a teenager with actual diagnosed depression (haven't had issues...
  5. Veggienerd

    Overly obsessed with food

  6. A

    Survey Skincare research

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping to start a vegan skincare brand in the next 6 months and thought this would be a fantastic place to do some research. It's linked below via Survey Monkey and doesn't require any personal details or anything like that and it should take around 3 minutes. Thank you for...
  7. S

    Vegan drunk food?

    I've been vegan for about a month and have had no difficulty so far with transitioning, EXCEPT, because it's that time of year again I have been a bit drunk twice in the past month and both times have eaten foods with milk in them while drunk and felt wholly unable to stop myself although I have...
  8. K

    Media Super helpful guide for newbie vegans

    Hi, new vegans! “The Vegan Miracle: The Simple Guide” is an interactive book that will give you everything you need to know in order to transition to veganism or to make daily vegan life a bit easier. From the basics of the nutritional balance of a healthy diet to the social aspects (what to do...
  9. A

    Protein needs

    I decided to cold turkey start a vegan diet because of the health benefits. I am on day 3 and frustrated about protein- of course the biggest concern everyone brings up so obviously my biggest concern switching over and being such a newbie. First of all I am a 119 lb 26 year old woman and I'm...
  10. Molly

    Simple recipes and a balanced diet?

    Hey guys! I'm new to veganism in that I have only just started eating entirely vegan a few days ago. I did however, cut out eating boiled/scrambled/fried/etc. eggs a long time ago, as well as drinking cows milk. I was still consuming dairy products as an ingredient in other foods though. This...
  11. A

    New vegan having stomach issues

    So, I just decided to become vegan 2 days ago and I am so excited for this journey. I can't even think about eating meat or dairy products, but I'm afraid that I don't know enough to quit cold turkey. I've looked up a lot the past few days and so far am having a lot of fun making vegan food...
  12. M

    Today i started the transition to vegan... what should i expect?

    I finished up my first vegan meal a couple hours ago. I am finding I am a little shaky. This prompted me to get some advice on what to expect during the transitional period from an typical american diet to a whole foods plant based vegan diet. What can I expect (ie symptoms)? What are some tips...
  13. E

    Hi there from a vegan newbie!

    I'm Lauren, I live in Australia & I have only been vegan for a couple of days and loving it! I would love to meet some new people (vegan or not) so just send through an inbox! Thanks! :)
  14. Dovahkitty99

    Inheriting a leather suitcase

    Hello Everyone! so I've been vegetarian for over a year and vegan for 3 months. I am taking a gap year to go travelling and my grandfather (aged 90) wants to pass on his LEATHER suitcase that he has had his whole life, it's been taken all around the world and is very attractive/vintage. Is it...
  15. Cere

    Newbie vegan on a budget, newbie cook on a budget, advice?

    Hi all! I'd been umm-ing and ahh-ing over veganism for a while, less as a lifestyle and more as a dietary choice and an attempt to "minimise" the harm my choices cause than anything, and like many of us I am on a budget. TL;DR because this ended up quite rambly. I am a new vegan and have...