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    Question Animal cruelty VS Nazi violence

    Hello! Working on text about correlation between being cruel with animals and being cruel with humans. Checking facts. If you have any info about following questions, please help: 1. I’ve heard from some lectures, that Nazis took their methods for death camps from meat industry. That the...
  2. Second Summer

    How long would you have to listen to nazi rock before turning into a nazi?

    This was a question that came up in discussion with an old friend on a certain evil social media platform. Assuming it was some really good nazi rock or nazi pop. Assuming you were at a vulnerable phase in your life. Assuming other factors also pushed you in that direction. Basically, the...
  3. Second Summer

    Was Heinrich Himmler a vegetarian?

    Recently I went to a talk titled "The History of Veganism" at a local vegan festival. The speaker said Heinrich Himmler definitely was a vegetarian (for health and spiritual reasons if I remember correctly), and definitely more of a vegetarian than Hitler, but I have found no sources to support...