1. Second Summer

    Drama in space - Soyuz mission to ISS aborted

    Everything looking good during launch from Baikonur, Kazakhstan: But then, trouble! I think I hear something about a 'booster failure': Both space travellers, a NASA astronaut and a Roscosmos cosmonaut, are now back on the ground in Kazakhstan after emergency landing, waiting to be picked up...
  2. Second Summer

    Space Sciences Woman from space returns

    Also, especially for @sleepydvdr : Curve! She's referring to the curvature of the Earth! More: Record-breaking astronaut comes back to Earth (3. September 2017)
  3. Calliegirl

    Space Sciences Free NASA posters

    NASA has some really cool vintage looking posters you can download and print for free. Space Tourism Posters
  4. Second Summer

    Space Sciences Amazing NASA discovery on Pluto - what could it be?

    More: Nasa is going to make an 'amazing' announcement on Thursday (Thursday 8 October 2015) The article lists a couple of amazing discoveries they've already made on Pluto - weather, hazes, active geology. So what could be even more amazing? Signs of life?