junk food

  1. E

    What has been your biggest challenge in transitioning to a vegan diet?

    I made the transition to a more plant based diet around February of this year. Initially, my transition was 'cold turkey'. I bought Dr. Greger's book "How Not To Die" and then found the Forks Over Knives website, and the next week, I was vegan. Or I thought I was. Of course, I was still eating...
  2. R

    Junk food

    What's the best kind of junk food you like?
  3. BriannaBanana

    Depression, food addiction and veganism

    Hi, so I wasn't sure where to go with this but I knew I needed to talk to someone. I went vegan in June 2015 and its been rocky since the beginning. I know this is the way I want to live and in general, I live a cruelty free vegan lifestyle. But, when it comes to food, there seem to be way too...
  4. M

    Vegan junk food

    Hey. Before I started my Vegan diet, I was super addicted to junk food. I found it really hard to find some nice recipes. This is the best burger recipe so far: http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetables-recipes/the-best-vegan-burger/ But can someone else share their experiences with...