Vegan junk food

I don't really know a lot about vegan junk food, but there are still a lot 0f normal junk food that are suprising vegan anyway. Like ore0s. Plus Sourced Box is an amazing vegan snack subscribtion service where u get about 15-20 snacks sent to you. and they taste amazing! Also Holland and barret are amazing to buy ingredients to cook with from, or you can just buy snacks straight out.
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Im a huge junk food fan. And yes, as greeniegogo415 mentioned there are lots of snacks that are already surprisingly vegan! Oreos are great (add some almond milk and its even better). Ben & Jerry's has about 6 amazing vegan ice cream options I believe. Pringles and lays potato chips are vegan.... ummmmm ...

Twizzlers (which I love) are also vegan.

If you have a whole foods and/or trader joes in your area and are willing to splurge a bit, the possibilities are endless there as well.

I also enjoy making my own chocolate chip cookies. Not difficult at all.

My thoughts were a bit scattered on this but I hope it helped lol.

I'm finding it hard to get my head round this thread. I'm a new vegan with 30+ years of vegetarianism behind me. I was attracted to veganism by the fact that it's healthy for me and kinder towards animals. So for me vegan junk food is a contradiction. I appreciate that we are all in this for different reasons but why would anyone want to waste their time struggling to make a vegan mayo that is nearly as good as Hellman's and then pour it on something which they freely admit is "junk food". Why break the bank for vegan cheese when nearly all the UK supermarkets sell 1 kilo of excellent Cheddar cheese for a fiver? I don't want to die young but happy having consumed a mountain of second rate vegan food when I could have achieved the same result with the real thing more cheaply and with less effort. I don't want to inflict pain on animals but I need a better reason than Orios to convince me that my abstaining from animal products is worth while.