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    Hello 👋, Please sign and share this petition to help get Suman the elephant 🐘 and her parents rescued and reunited together with her sister Peanut. Thank you 😊 to the moon 🌓 (an extra...
  2. R

    What are some good uk poverty charities to help those abroad that don’t do live animal donations?

    Hi , I care greatly about helping the poor, but I’m hesitant to donate to Oxfam because they do donations of live animals to the poor, which I disagree with. I haven’t been able to get onto the website for Vegfam. Do British Red Cross do anything like that? May you and all sentient beings be...
  3. R

    Writing about suman

    Hi, I have been trying to help get Suman the elephant that I wrote about in my other post rescued. It may be a good idea for me to write to a body/authority/group/individual asking them to do everything that they can (within reason) to help get Suman rescued. I have looked into the Indian...
  4. R

    Please help save suman, her parents and all the other "riding" elephants in india

    Hi, Please sign and share my petition. There is some potentially upsetting information on this page. There is also potentially upsetting information and images on other pages on Care2. Please sign anyway, if you can do this without anyone (including yourselves) getting upset...
  5. earthling_gh

    Greetings from earthling ( indian in china )

    would like to connect with business into import, export of food or NON food to promote veganism along with other goodies like organic, non GMO, eco friendly, natural, raw, probiotic, health, wellness, etc for common people, not luxury. metta ( peace, light, joy, health) for all
  6. J

    Hi All! Vegan from India. Interested in vegan fashion and of-course new friends!

    Hi All! Vegan from India. Interested in vegan fashion and of-course new friends! :)