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    Help-How to Successfully Reduce animal products?

    Reducing the animal products in meals that would still be satisfying for an omnivore? Hey folks :) So here's my dilemma... Throughout my life, I've mostly been vegetarian but have dipped in and out of veganism/plant-focused for a long time. I'm currently following a vegan diet. However, I've...
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    Starting to transition.. please help with alternatives

    Hi all, I've started to change over things in my food cupboard and fridge but I'm really struggling with alternatives and the cost of them. I can find vegan mayo/cheese/chocolate etc in my local tesco but they are so much more expensive. I'm on such a tight budget and am finding this a bit...
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    Media Kickstarter- some great sustainable vegan campaigns!!

    Have you guys seen/ know of Kickstarter? a cool way to support some amazing ideas- here are some awesome ones:- xx
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    What can i make?

    Basically, I have: Trimmed fine beans Mini mushrooms Mushrooms Asparagus Aubergine Red onions Garlic Carrots Green bell pepper Baby corn Sweet potatoes Does anyone have any ideas for what I could make because I'm currently stumped aha *preferably not a soup :)