high triglycerides

  1. Jedex

    High Levels of Triglycerides-Raw vegan diet

    Hi all, I went on a fully raw vegan diet (Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds no sprouts, absolutely no processed foods) for 31 days and most of the time my blood pressure was low as 10/6 and I felt terrible all the time,I couldn’t go for a walk I felt my heart didn't do well... on day 31 I had a...
  2. Rogez

    Health Issues Low HDL,High Triglycerides & Liver enzymes

    Hello, I have been vegan for just over 3 years, at first it was going great as I was maintaining my strength in the gym whilst losing fat. However more recently I haven't been doing too well, throughout lockdown I didn't take care of my diet and ate not so good. Earlier this year I started to...
  3. bmo87

    Vegan w high triglycerides and tc

    Hi Everyone, new here. Wanted to get your all opinion and see if you've had similar results. I've been vegan for almost a year now - strictly eating plant based. I exercise in the gym about 2 hours a night, 3-5 days a week. 30 min of that 2 hours are cardiovascular (like running/jogging...